Posted on: Wed, 04/15/2020 - 21:25 By: valentina.janev

One of the goals of the LAMBDA project is outreach and engagement with different types of stakeholders including the wider public. In the very beginning, the LAMBDA Consortium defined a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy as a set of actions for the involvement of external stakeholders and alignment of joint activities with LAMBDA objectives and priorities defined in the Grant Agreement. The stakeholder analysis (related to academia, industry, government and society) reported in Deliverable 5.1 Stakeholders Database and Market Analysis (M06) was further improved in the course of the project and the impacts created are discussed in this deliverable.

This deliverable builds upon several past deliverables including the individual exploitation plans of LAMBDA partners presented in D5.3 First Report on Stakeholder Engagement and Exploitation Activities.

Section 2 presents the LAMBDA exploitable results grouped by

  • Scientific exploitation
  • Business exploitation
  • Policy exploitation
  • Society

Main transferable outputs (exploitable results) of the LAMBDA project for stakeholders from academia are related to the LAMBDA open education activities and the establishment of the LAMBDA repository of lectures.

By strengthening the links with industry and by developing commercial awareness, LAMBDA helps researchers and professionals to identify real-world challenges easily and to understand the use of Big Data and emerging technologies for innovative solutions.

Section 3 to Section 5 presents an update of individual and joint exploitation activates by LAMBDA partners as follows: an update related to PUPIN in Section 3, an update related to Fraunhofer and PUPIN in Section 4, and an update from university partners (the University of Bonn and University of Oxford) in Section 5.


The established exploitation activities will be carried out until the end of the LAMBDA project and beyond the project lifetime.

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