Posted on: Thu, 12/17/2020 - 13:41 By: valentina.janev

In the context of the LAMBDA project, exploitation is defined as sustained or continued project activities after the end of the project. Exploitation is recognized as the key enabler for the success of the project, as well as a means to improve the partners’ competitive advantages. We distinguish two types of exploitation results - tangible or non-tangible. Tangible assets are the learning materials, workshops and conferences materials, research papers and book chapters published, research/commercial project proposals elaborated, software prototypes and the LAMBDA Learning and Consulting Platform and other means employed for e-Dissemination. Non-tangible results include the enhanced competence level of researchers and their managerial skills, increased experience in strategic research planning and management, the enhanced reputation of key researchers and the Coordinating organization, contacts with strategic partners and other EU research institutions, and the better integration into the ERA.

By strengthening the links with industry and by developing commercial awareness, LAMBDA helps researchers and professionals to identify real-world challenges easily and to understand the use of Big Data and emerging technologies for innovative solutions.

In the LAMBDA framework, wherever was possible, the research results were exploited for the internal development and support of new products and services. These products and services will substantially contribute to the benefit of the targeted users (e.g. clients from the energy sector). By scaling up the results into commercial offerings, all European citizens can be reached while ensuring profitability through economies of scale.

Some of the activities related to commercial exploitation are

  • Development of prototype solutions in recent EU projects;
  • Adoption of open-source tools for clients from different industries; 
  • Development of prototype solutions in the framework of PUPIN-Fraunhofer contract;
  • Market-driven technology road mapping for partners’ technological innovations;

The development of training programs by building upon education materials from the LAMBDA repository is one of the objectives of the exploitation as well. Main transferable outputs for stakeholders from academia are related to the LAMBDA open education activities and the establishment of the LAMBDA repository of lectures.

In order for the exploitation to be effective, the following communication and dissemination activities were undertaken:

 The established exploitation activities will be carried out beyond the project's lifetime.

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