Posted on: Mon, 07/23/2018 - 16:45 By: valentina.janev

This deliverable presents the LAMBDA platform and e-collaboration tools and serves as a quick reference guide to functionalities currently available at the following link. (see The platform aims at facilitating the cooperation within the consortium and with LAMBDA stakeholders in the West Balkan Region (i.e., government agencies, universities, research and development organizations, and other organizations) on topics and activities relevant for the LAMBDA project.

The web site has been divided into three main Sections:

  • Public part that web pages relevant for the LAMBDA communication and dissemination activities (see Menu in the rectangle on the right upper corner);
  • Private part of the platform for the members of the consortium;
  • Private part of the platform for the stakeholders involved in LAMBDA activities as Advisory Board members, teachers, and participants at the Big Data Analytics School.

Everybody with a valid e-mail address can register with the platform and become an authenticated user. The LAMBDA platform is based on Drupal, leading open-source content-management framework. The platform is maintained by the members of the team from the Institute Mihajlo Pupin, however each partner has a representative who is a responsible contact for the platform.

Currently (December 2018), the Stakeholders database links to information about 30 stakeholders invited to take part in 2019 activities. More than 50 clients will be involved in LAMBDA activities until the end of the project.

The Summer School pages contains the draft program of the Big Data Analytics (BDA) School that will be organized by the consortium in PUPIN premises.

Currently (December 2018), the Knowledge Repository contains (1) Abstracts of the BDA School Lectures, links to tools developed by the consortium and that can be used for experimentation and links to related projects.

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