Posted on: Mon, 07/23/2018 - 17:19 By: valentina.janev

This deliverable aims to present the Action plan for scientific excellence and innovation capacity building of the PUPIN Institute in the Big Data domain for the following two years (2019-2020). The proposed action plan articulates how UOXF, UBO and IAIS will transfer their institutional knowledge and expertise throughout the lifetimeof LAMBDA, in particular the phase of the project from M07 until M24. In addition, the deliverable will serve as an input for the foresight report D6.2.2 Strategic Action Plan for the next 5 years (period 2021-2025).Since the action plan has been elaborated from the initial action plan described in the proposal phase, major parts of the initial action plan given in the grant agreement section be represented and discussed within this deliverable.

Work package