Research Data and Open Science in South-eastern Europe, December 2019, Belgrade, Serbia

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Data Center Serbia for the Social Sciences (Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade), in collaboration with the CESSDA ERIC Training Group, the Croatian Center for Social Sciences (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb) and the Archives of Data in Social Sciences of Northern Macedonia (Institute for Sociological and Social Studies) Political and Legal Research, Skopje), organized a regional roundtable entitled "Legal and Ethical Constraints on the Managemen

ICIST 2020 Special Session - Organization, March 2020

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Data Analytics Trends and Applications

Nowadays, the enhanced capacities of computers create opportunities for running numerous applications, processing and storing unimaginable amount of data. The data sources come in a variety of types that need to be managed in order to provide meaningful decision support for end-users from different industries. IT researchers and professionals face different challenges when extracting value from the available data, and hence a wide range of analytical services are needed.

In this special session we seek to raise discussion on:

Remote Smart Sensing in Precision Agriculture, PUPIN Institute, Belgrade, Serbia

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Dr. Zoran Stamenković, a scientist at  IHP GmbH, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany and program chair of DDECS’2020 (April 22-24, 2020, Novi Sad, Serbia) visited the Mihajlo Pupin Institute on the 3rd of December 2019.

As part of the PUPIN Scientific Council Seminar (organized Dr. Nikola Zogović and Dr. Goran Dimić), Dr. Zoran Stamenković presented IHP's research activities related to

The Challenge and Opportunity of 5G in Serbia, November 2019

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The event 5G in Serbia: Challenges and Opportunities took place at the Institute Mihajlo Pupin on the 22nd of November 2019. The event was organized by the PUPIN Scientific Council (Dr. Vladimir Krstić).

Guest speaker:  Goran Laovski, Republic Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services.

Discussion topics:

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