Posted on: Thu, 12/26/2019 - 16:07 By: valentina.janev

Data Analytics Trends and Applications

Nowadays, the enhanced capacities of computers create opportunities for running numerous applications, processing and storing unimaginable amount of data. The data sources come in a variety of types that need to be managed in order to provide meaningful decision support for end-users from different industries. IT researchers and professionals face different challenges when extracting value from the available data, and hence a wide range of analytical services are needed.

In this special session we seek to raise discussion on:

  • Emerging trends in Big Data management
  • Design and implementation of analytical services for different industries
  • Digital transformation trends driving industry 4.0

Authors are encouraged to submit papers on topic relevant to this session that include — but are not limited to — the following:

  • Artificial Intelligence applications
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Optimization algorithms
  • Knowledge graphs and NoSQL databases
  • Centralized, federated, and distributed SPARQL query processing
  • Security and privacy in querying the Web of Data
  • Analytical Services in Big Data applications (Geospatial Data Management, Renewable Energies,  Energy Efficiency, Healthcare, eGovernment, Sustainable and Smart Cities, IoT applications, etc)
  • Interoperability and Integration in different domains
  • Big Data Ethics


  • Sallinger, Emanuel ( Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford, , UK
  • Janev, Valentina ( University of Belgrade, Institute Mihailo Pupin, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Tomašević, Nikola ( University of Belgrade, Institute Mihailo Pupin, Belgrade, Serbia