Posted on: Wed, 05/12/2021 - 15:38 By: valentina.janev

The aim of this work is to present the DCAT Application Profile (DCAT-AP) standard which in turn is derived from the W3C DCAT standard. DCAT is an RDF vocabulary designed to facilitate interoperability between data catalogs published on the Web and also represent a way to provide context or metadata for datasets. By using DCAT, everyone can easily find and search across all the datasets published in some country in a unified way which can be important on different levels: (i) it can be used by citizens or enterprises to facilitate the discovery of public services and information; (ii) it provides public administrations with a comprehensive platform through which sharing best practices on services, and building a community; and (iii) it can be used in order to follow the degree of standardization and digitalization of the services of the public sector. Based on specification and also a recommendation from some countries which use DCAT-AP, DCAT-AP for Serbia (DCAT-AP-SRB) is proposed.

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