Posted on: Wed, 04/01/2020 - 20:09 By: valentina.janev

Although each government in Europe with their public administration services can be treated as a big data ecosystem, the opportunities of interconnecting, integrating and processing the data on EU level presents a real challenge nowadays. Discussions on public benefit of integrating and opening the data can be found in our previous work, where we examine the use of Linked Data Approach in European e-Government Systems
In the European data strategy, EU foresees that by 2025, 80\% of the processing and analysis of data that currently takes place in data centres and centralised computing facilities will be processed in smart connected objects, such as cars, home appliances or manufacturing robots, and in computing facilities close to the user (‘edge computing’).  


In this set of lectures, we discuss the Potential and challenges of implementing the European data strategy  in the West Balkan region, bearing in mind the needs and opportunities of SMEs and NGOs. 

The lectures were presented at the Open Data event organized in cooperation with the Chamber of Economy and  the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.