Foresight Exercise 2020

Posted on: Tue, 12/15/2020 - 09:49 By: valentina.janev

In year 2020, as part of LAMBDA activities, a Foresight Exercise was organized that brought together leading experts in the West Balkan region together with European and international experts. 

One of the early preparatory steps was to contact and collect information (Preparatory activities (via Interviews, Questioners) in different level about:

  • The connection of research and industrial activities of the participants to Big Data
  • The opinion of participants about aspects of Big Data in the past, current, and future

Two online sessions were organized (on 7th of May 2020 and on on 16th of June 2020, as part of the Big Data Summer School 2020). 


More about the events can be found in D6.1 Foresight Exercise.


Work package