Posted on: Wed, 05/12/2021 - 10:54 By: valentina.janev

The PLATOON Data Analytics toolbox is formed of all the data analytics tools that are developed and validated for the different use cases of the project. These tools will allow the extraction of value from heterogeneous data sources. There will be two main groups of data analytics tools:

  1. Energy specific tools, specifically developed the different sectors of the energy value chain as  (i.e., RES generation, smart grids and End Use of Energy).
  2. Generic tools that complement the energy specific tools and that are applicable to different applications and domains (e.g.  data pre-processing tools, visualisation tools, graph processing tools, etc.). In the design of the PLATOON Data Analytics Toolbox a container-based approach has been followed.

The PLATOON Data Analytics Toolbox is one of the main exploitable assets of the PLATOON project. Along with data, PLATOON Data Analytics Tools will be offered and monetized through the PLATOON marketplace. Similarly to data, we need to ensure that security, privacy and sovereignty of these tools is preserved. Depending on the specific requirements of providers and consumers of the data analytics tools, the tools can be implemented in two ways:

  1. Implemented as a microservice;
  2. Implemented in the customer infrastructure.

Each option needs specific methods to ensure Data Analytics Tool security, privacy and sovereignty is different. The first scenario is already solved by the International Data Space (IDS) concept. However, for the second scenario different solutions are needed. Furthermore, usability is a very important aspect of any IT tool. In fact, currently, there is a clear technological gap as most senior energy domain experts have little knowledge on programming and data analytics which impedes them to leverage the full value of data analytics tools. Finally, version control and tool monitoring are very important to appropriately manage the complete lifecycle of data analytics tools.