Posted on: Wed, 04/15/2020 - 21:30 By: valentina.janev

One of the specific objectives of LAMBDA (Learning, Applying, Multiplying Big Data Analytics) project is focused its efforts on formulating and delivering proper strategies and activities for dissemination and communication that will result in the best and most effective advertising of the project at local, regional and European, and international level. One of the activities initiated at the very beginning of the project was to establish a comprehensive dissemination strategy and action plan for its implementation, as well as to identify all available instruments for dissemination and exploitation of project outcomes. Apart from standard instruments, like publicity and promotion materials (leaflets, posters, PPT available at, web portal (, conference and journal papers (, some specific instruments have been considered such as feedback collection from stakeholders via the private part of the portal and via Google Forms, see for instance Foresight Exercise.


This report presents an update on the communication and dissemination activities conducted in the last six months (July 2020 – December 2020). During the reporting period, LAMBDA researchers organized several scientific events (KRRL2020) and prepared a plan for the next year's activities including AAAI 2021 and the LAMBDA Summer School of Big Data Analytics III. Researchers have presented results at several events that due to COVID-19 were organized online (ISWC 2020, COLING 2020, WI-IAT 2020, eLearning 2020) and attended different networking events on topics relevant for the project.

Work package